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To succeed in today's marketplace, networks must be safe, open, and interconnected, making it easy to exchange information with customers, suppliers, and business partners around the globe. The certified consultants at IMAGINEERING combine their skill and experience with the latest technology to ensure their client’s success.
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Local Area Networks (LAN)
The core our Imagineering’s success to date has been through the design, implementation and support of Local Area Networks.

Local Area Networks consist of many pieces and the integration of these pieces are critical to ensure a stable and well maintaned network.

has developed the skills necessary to support all the components of a Local Area Network such as servers, workstations, printers, firewalls, switches and Windows operating systems.

Wireless & Mobile Solutions
Success in business today is based largely on mobility. Mobility means increased availability of your wireless and/or mobile solutions. Imagineering can help you determine the optimal mobile solution for your company and will make your people and your business more efficient, and effective.
Routers & Switches
In order for users to obtain information quickly and communicate effectively a strong and adaptable network is essential. Imagineering’s certified consultants can not only support your existing network infrastructure, but also design and develop new network solutions.
Present-day information security threats such as internet worms, denial of service attacks, viruses, and other intrusions are more sophisticated, frequent, and dangerous than ever before. Moreover, the dramatic increase in vulnerabilities discovered, along with the speed at which new threats are created make this challenge even steeper. Measuring and managing network risk is a significant challenge for companies of all sizes.

Imagineering uses the most comprehensive knowledge-base of vulnerability signatures in the industry. These centrally managed tools perform vulnerability updates in real-time, ensuring that Imagineering’s clients always receive comprehensive audits using the latest information. Imagineering can quickly measure and report on customer-specific standards and compliance requirements such as SOX, HIPAA and the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard.
Imagineering provides a wide variety of server solutions for a completely integrated business.
The certified consultants at Imagineering fully understand how rapidly and completely virtualization can transform your IT landscape. With flexibility and efficiency Imagineering improves your infrastructure functionality, while reducing your overall costs.
Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
A Virtual Private Network is private network that is usually configured using the Internet in order to take advantage of the lower cost of an internet connection vs. the cost of a dedicated circuit.

VPNs are widely used by enterprises to create wide area networks (WANs) that span large geographic areas, to provide site-to-site connections to branch offices and to allow mobile users to dial up their company LANs.

Feel free to contact one if Imagineering’s VPN experts to show you how to take advantage of you internet connection to connect you to a remote or home office.
Wide Area Networks (WAN)
A Wide Area Network is a long-distance communications network that covers a wide geographic area, such as a state or country. When connection uptimes to a remote or home office are vital,company’s choose to use WANs to establish their own private using the telephone company’s resources. Imagineering Consultants are well versed in setting up and supporting Wide Area Networks.

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